14 - Super Excited

Hi There (Name),

Are you excited about Christmas this year? I sure am! The reindeer, elves, Mrs. Claus and I are so busy getting everything ready for my journey around the world. Rudolph can’t wait to pull my sleigh to your house in (City, State) on Christmas eve! His nose is glowing just thinking about it.

Mrs. Claus has been busy baking cookies and candies, and the elves are hard at work in the toy workshop. Rudolph and all the other reindeer are outside exercising and getting ready for their flight around the world. Right now, Mrs. Claus and I are sitting in front of the fire relaxing for a few minutes before I head over to the toy workshop to check on the elves. They are working so hard getting all the toys ready for the big day. It’s a good thing Rudolph and the other reindeer have been getting lots of exercise because the sleigh is going to be so heavy this year with all the gifts and surprises.

A few weeks ago, we all took a break from our work and celebrated by having a little fun. It is always perfect weather at the North Pole for drinking hot chocolate, eating sugar cookies and roasting marshmallows outside. Of course, I have my thick red suit to keep me warm and Rudolph shines his nose on everyone to warm them up. I sure hope it’s warm and cozy where you are.

(Name), I am happy to report that you are at the top of my nice list again! Mrs. Claus and I are so proud of you. Be sure to keep up the good work! Listen to (Parent 1) and (Parent 2) and be kind to your friends. Make sure to tell (friend’s name) and (friend’s name) that I will be visiting them also on Christmas Eve.

Even though you are super excited, please be sure to go to bed early on Christmas eve so you will be sound asleep when I drop by your house. If you hear a clatter on the rooftop, just go back to sleep – that’s just the reindeers’ hooves! Have a very Merry Christmas, and I will see you on Christmas eve, but you’ll be sound asleep. Don’t forget to hang your stocking before you go to bed!

Santa Claus