Santa Letter Package

$15.99 (Free Shipping)
Includes the Following

Letter from Santa
Our letters are some of the highest quality letters available on the internet. You will have a choice of five stationery designs. The stationery is of keepsake quality that is suitable for framing or including in a scrapbook. You can choose from fourteen different letters/templates including a blank template. By choosing a starter letter, you can customize it any way you wish or you can use the blank template to write the entire letter yourself. Santa’s signature will be an actual signature, not a computer generated signature. The letter also includes Santa’s official gold seal to indicate this is an official document from the North Pole. Your letter will arrive unfolded so it is suitable for framing.

A 4 x 6 picture of Santa Claus
Imagine the excitement to receive an autographed picture of Santa. This picture is not printed on a home computer but is professionally printed.

Santa’s Nice Certificate
Most Santa websites charge an additional fee to include the Nice List Certificate with your package. I offer this high quality certificate as part of the Santa Letter Package. The Nice Certificate arrives printed on keepsake quality paper with a Christmas candy border or Christmas lights border. When placing your order, you will have the option to choose which certificate you would prefer. Your child’s full name will be printed on the certificate. Santa’s signature will be an actual signature; not a computer generated signature. Alabaster Snowball, who is Santa’s Chief Elf in charge of the Naughty or Nice List, will also sign the certificate to make it official. In addition, Santa’s gold seal will be affixed to the certificate to indicate this is an official document. The certificate arrives unfolded and is suitable for framing.

Red Holiday Envelope
Your Santa Letter Package arrives in a beautiful holiday red high quality booklet size envelope. The recipient’s address and Santa’s return address is printed on gold foil shipping labels, and the envelope will be stamped with a North Pole postmark. In addition, Santa’s own custom postage will be used to mail your letter to the recipient.

Follow Up Postcard
Around the middle of October of next year, Santa will send your child a postcard as a reminder that Christmas will be coming soon. The message reminds children they should keep up the good work to remain on Santa’s Nice List.

Red Holiday Envelope

Follow Up Postcard

Santa Letter Package

Nice Certificate Candy

Nice Certificate Christmas Lights

Stationery Choices

Do You See What I See Stationery for Santa Letter Package

Santa’s Magic

Loading The Sleigh Stationery for Santa Letter Package

Santa and Reindeer Stationery for Santa Letter Package

Jolly Old Saint Nick Stationery for Santa Letter Package

Additional Stationery Choice with Pet Packages

Holiday Train Stationery for Santa Letter Package