Pet Letter Package From Santa


Pet lovers understand why we hang stockings for our pets and put toys and treats in them from Santa. So why not surprise our furry friends with their very own letter and treat from Santa. Your children will be so excited to think that Santa was thoughtful enough to send their special friend and playmate a letter also.

Your Santa letter package for pets will be of the same quality as the package made for your child. The letter will be printed on keepsake quality stationery designed especially for pets with Santa’s official seal and includes an autographed picture of Santa with one of his furry friends. The Nice Certificate will include your pet’s full name and breed if you desire. Your pet letter package will include a special treat for your doggie or kitty. The “Bad to the Bone” doggie treat is four Milk Bone biscuits, and the “You’re the Cat’s Meow” kitty treat is Temptations treats. These special treats are a North Pole Letters and Keepsakes exclusive. Your pet package will also include the holiday red envelope with the gold foil shipping labels, and the North Pole postmark with custom postage.

Pet Letter Package for Dogs

Pet Letter Package for Kitty