12 - Pet Cat

Hi There (Pet’s Name)!

Merry Christmas and Ho, Ho, Ho! I see that you are on my list of nice of kitty cats this year. Good job! I know it’s easy for kitties to do things they shouldn’t do, but I also know we all like to have fun from time to time. I just want to let you know I am looking forward to visiting you this year.

Everyone at the North Pole has been working so hard to get ready for Christmas eve. The elves are busy in the toy workshop making toys for everyone, and my reindeer help the elves try out all the Christmas toys for my furry friends. Prancer and Vixon are very good at testing out toys especially little balls that have bells inside of them. Mrs. Claus and Sugarplum Mary bake all the special kitty treats that go in your stocking. Blitzen helps them out by tasting each special treat to make sure it’s good to eat.

(Pet’s Name), I need to ask you for a couple of favors. First of all, please don’t climb up the Christmas tree. I know kitties love to climb and jump but (Pet Owner’s Name) would be very upset it you tip the tree over and break the ornaments. Also please stay away from the Christmas lights. That would not be good to pull the lights off the tree. Last of all, if you happen to be sitting in the window on Christmas eve and see me and my reindeer flying through the sky, don’t be an “alarm cat” and go running through the house meowing and making noise. If you wake up your family, I won’t be able to come in and deliver the presents. Ho, Ho, Ho!

(Pet’s Name), I am going to have some presents and treats in my sack for you, so be sure (Pet Owner’s Name) hangs up your stocking so I have somewhere to put these great gifts. I do hope you like kitty treats because Mrs. Claus is baking a fresh batch just for you.

Keep being a good kitty. It will be just fine if you help (Pet Owner’s Name) scratch open a few presents on Christmas morning. Also, be sure to wake your family up early on Christmas morning. I think that’s one day they might forgive you for being an “alarm cat.” See you soon.