The Polar Express Experience

The Polar Express book - $14.99
The First Gift of Christmas - $15.99
Purchase both together - $25.99

Your children will love receiving The Polar Express written by Chris Van Allsburg. This mysterious journey to the North Pole where a young boy will receive the first gift of Christmas is a classic and will be an excellent addition to your Christmas library. The 30th edition of The Polar Express is beautifully illustrated and includes a golden “All Aboard Ornament”. You can also choose to order the “First Gift of Christmas” as seen in the Polar Express book and movie. The gift includes a silver sleigh bell that is beautifully packaged in a soft red and gold velvet bag which is placed inside a red and white stripe box with a green satin bow. A gift tag will be attached to the box with an inspirational quote from Santa. Also included is a certificate of authenticity that includes information such as the elf who made the bell and the reindeer who carried the bell on their harness.

Magical Reindeer Food


Santa’s reindeer love this special mix of food made especially for them by Sugarplum Mary at Santa’s North Pole Village. It is a special mix of oats, sugar, cinnamon, candy sprinkles. Your package arrives with a tag explaining what you should do with this food to help guide Santa and the reindeer to your home on Christmas Eve. All ingredients are edible; however, it is recommended that this mix is not consumed.
Ingredients are as follows: Quaker raw oatmeal, sugar, cinnamon, Wilton candy sprinkles, Wilton sparkling sugar. There are no nuts in this mix.
The poem on the tag is as follows:
A special reindeer treat from
Santa’s Elves
Sprinkle on the lawn at night.
The moon will make it sparkle bright.
As Santa’s reindeer fly & roam,
This will guide them to your home.
Merry Christmas

Reindeer Whistle


Santa’s reindeer whistle is magical. When you sound this whistle before going to bed, Santa’s reindeer will hear the sound high up in the sky. They will know you are snug in bed and ready for Santa to visit your house. Your beautiful whistle arrives with a 4” x 6” tag that explains how to use this whistle to let the reindeer know you are ready for Santa!
The poem on the tag is as follows:
When you’ve had your bath
And had your snack
And you’re ready to go
And hit the sack,
Just before you rest your head,
Blow this whistle beside your bed.
The notes will float into the air
And let Santa know
You’re snug in there.
Then Rudolph will guide
His sleigh your way
To deliver your presents
On Christmas Day
Caution: Whistles are not recommended for children 3 years of age and under due to small parts. Always practice caution when children are playing with whistles.

Santa’s Magic Key


Santa’s magic key is designed for houses or apartments that do not have a chimney. It is also perfect if you are traveling at Christmas and will be spending Christmas in a hotel room. Children may worry that Santa won’t be able to leave the presents if there is no chimney for him to come down. The key is a replica of a vintage skeleton key and comes with a 4” x 6” tag with a poem that explains all about the key and its magical powers. You may not receive the exact key as shown in the picture, but the key will be comparable and of equal value.
The poem on the tag is as follows:
Our stockings hang upon a wall;
We have no fireplace at all.
You see the problem is quite clear.
Santa, how will you get in here?
We heard a legend, is it true?
Of magic only you can do.
We’ll leave out this special key
And mark it “Santa” so you can see,
Your magic makes the key fit right
So you can get inside tonight.
Thank you Santa, here’s our key;
The milk and cookies are on me!

I Believe Sleigh Bell


When you believe in the magic; your dreams come true. The beautiful silver sleigh bell comes in a gold satin pouch with a red satin ribbon if you wish to hang the bell. This is a special sleigh bell sent from Santa; in fact, this bell is an actual bell that was taken off the harness of one of Santa’s reindeer. The harness bells were starting to get old so Santa decided to put all new sleigh bells on the reindeer harnesses this year. Now he would like to share these bells with the good boys and girls. Your silver bell comes with a 4” x 6” tag that explains how lucky you are to believe.
The poem on the tag is as follows:
When you believe in Santa’s Sleigh,
Miracles on Christmas Day,
That the North Pole’s full of tiny elves
Who make the toys and stock the shelves,
That magic happens Christmas Eve
When you hear the jingle and believe,
Then you’re lucky through and through
Because when you believe….
Your dreams come true!
Holly Reagan

TY Holiday Beanie Boo Clips


Beanie Boo Clips are part of Ty’s stuffed animal toy collection. They are soft, silky and have huge eyes that are brilliant colors with glitter. The clips are approximately 3.5 inches tall; are made from Ty silk and polyester with a plastic clip that you can attach to whatever you like. All young children love the clip beanies because they like to attach them to backpacks and lunch boxes. By purchasing this cute little Ty clip on, your children will have a cute little friend to take with them wherever they go this holiday season.
• Bundles the Mouse
• Buttons the Snowman
• Candy Cane the Unicorn
• Chill the Penguin
• Chipper
• Gale the Penguin
• Pandy Claus
• Peppermint
• Shivers the Snowman
• Sugar Dog
• Sweetsy the Gingerbread
• Tinsel

Little Golden Books – Christmas Collection

$8.99 Each

Each book will be autographed by Santa. Buy one or as many as you want. Who doesn’t remember reading Little Golden Books as a child? Little Golden Books are best known for their classic stories that appeal to children of all ages. They help children see the magic in the world around them. These classical storybooks are also known for their beautiful artwork, their signature gold spine or red spine for Christmas books, and “This Little Golden Book belongs to” nameplate in the front of the book. Little Golden Books have been loved for over 70 years by parents and grandparents as shared story time with their children. I have selected nine Christmas favorites that young and old alike will enjoy reading.
• The Night Before Christmas
• Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
• Frosty the Snowman
• The Poky Little Puppy’s 1st Christmas
• The Christmas Story
• The Animals Christmas Eve
• The Little Christmas Elf
• Jingle Bells

The Night Before Christmas: The Classic Edition


Autographed by Santa.
This book features the classic poem by Clement C. Moore and is beautifully illustrated by renowned artist Charles Santore. This heirloom edition includes an embossed and foil cover as well as a four page gatefold. Since this poem was first published in 1823, children have been enchanted by the story of Santa. Many families have a tradition of reading this poem to their children on Christmas Eve. Why not start your own tradition? This highly imaginative book will make a valuable addition to any Christmas collection, and would make a perfect gift for Baby’s first Christmas. The book also has a special inscription from Santa written inside the front cover especially for your child.

Christmas Coloring Book Set


This gift includes a fun Christmas coloring book for young children and a box of twenty- four crayons. Reindeer, Santa and gingerbread houses are just a few of the pictures in this gift. The coloring book also includes a message from Santa with a special request. Santa will ask your child to color a picture just for him. He will ask your child to leave the picture under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve so he can take it back to the North Pole to hang on the wall of the toy workshop.

Holiday Fun Bracelets

$4.99 Each

Our holiday stretch bracelets are a fun piece of handmade jewelry that children can enjoy all holiday season. Jingle all the way with a fun jingle bell bracelet that includes jingle bells and colorful beads. Your jingle bell bracelet may not have the same color combination as shown in the picture but will be the exact bracelet as shown. We offer three different bracelets from which to choose:
• Our Snowman Charm Bracelet includes frosty blue and white beads with winter theme charms.
• Christmas Fun Bracelet includes colorful beads and Christmas theme charms.
• Jingle Bell Bracelet includes colorful jingle bells.
Caution: Not recommended for children under 3 due to small parts.

Santa’s Nice Certificate Badge


Your children will be so excited to find out they are on Santa’s Nice List. They will proudly wear their Santa Nice List VIP ID badge to show everyone they know that they have been good all year, and Santa has placed their name on his Nice List. Your child will receive one of six possible designs on a felt retractable badge with an alligator clip that can easily be attached to their clothing.

Snow Letter Left Behind


When a letter to Santa slips out of the postman’s bag, how does it make it to the North Pole? This beautifully illustrated book from Hallmark teaches us that with some magic and love, Santa’s letters will always get there! This book will make a great addition to your Christmas library.

Santa’s Nice List Scroll


Our children work hard all year in hopes they will be on Santa’s Nice List. Can you see the smile on your child’s face when he or she unrolls Santa’s scroll and sees their name right at the top of the first page of Santa’s Nice List? The Nice List scroll comes printed on keepsake quality parchment paper that is rolled and tied with a red or green satin ribbon. Your child’s name will be placed in the very first position on the page. If you have more than one child receiving this scroll, both names will be put on the same line.

Pet Treats


Our special little fur babies love getting treats from Santa also. Your child will be so excited to think that Santa would think about a special gift for their pet doggie or kitty. Choose from the “Bad to the Bone” doggie treat or the “You’re the Cat’s Meow” kitty treat. The doggie treat is four milk bone biscuits and the kitty treat is Temptations kitty treats.

Snowmen at Christmas Book


Have you ever wondered what snowmen do for Christmas? Now’s your chance to find out! They are celebrating the snowman way! This story depicts all the best parts of the holiday complete with icy treats and a snowman Kris Kringle. Children not only will enjoy this magical story but will be enchanted with the beautiful artwork. This book will be an excellent addition to your Christmas book collection.

Five More Sleeps till Christmas


Jimmy Fallon prepares readers for the most exciting week of the year in this new holiday tradition for your family. The book centers around a young brother and sister who are counting down the days to Christmas by engaging in tons of fun activities such as singing Christmas carols to leaving out milk and cookies for Santa. The vivid colors and illustrations place the reader inside the pages of the story to the point of actually feeling the young boy’s impatience as the days go by. This is definitely a fun addition to your Christmas library.

Letter from Alabaster Snowball

Free Shipping

Just think how special it would be for your child to receive a letter from Alabaster Snowball who, by the way, is Santa’s Chief Elf in charge of the Naughty or Nice List. All children love to be praised for the good job they are doing and love knowing that they are at the top of the Nice List. Just like the Santa letter, the elf’s letter can be customized to say whatever you like. The letter comes on Alabaster Snowball’s special stationery made especially for Santa’s Chief Elf and will be signed by Alabaster Snowball. There is a limit of one Alabaster Snowball letter per Santa Letter Package

Letter from Sugarplum Mary

Free Shipping

All children would love to receive a letter from Sugarplum Mary who is the elf in charge of Santa’s Sweet Treats Division at the North Pole. They will love hearing the secret about what kind of cookies are Santa’s favorite! Just like the Santa letter, the elf’s letter can be customized to say whatever you would like. The letter comes on Sugarplum Mary’s very own special stationery and will be signed by Sugarplum Mary. There is a limit of one Sugarplum Mary letter per Santa Letter Package.

Letter from Rudolph

Free Shipping

Imagine how exciting it would be for your child to receive a letter from their old friend, Rudolph. Just like the Santa letter, the Rudolph letter can be customized to say whatever you would like. The letter comes on Rudolph’s special stationery that he designed himself. There is a limit of one Rudolph letter per Santa Letter Package.