1 - Naughty or Nice

Merry Christmas (Name),

Christmas is almost here, and everyone at the North Pole is so excited. You know it is our favorite time of year. Ho, Ho, Ho! All the elves and reindeer have been busy getting the presents ready for our trip around the world. In fact, it won’t be long, and we will start loading the sleigh to set off on our long journey.

Rudolph and all the other reindeer are excited to fly to (State) to visit your home in (City). I just love delivering presents to all the good girls and boys in (City, State).

Just the other day, I had a meeting with Alabaster Snowball who, by the way, is my Chief Elf in charge of the Naughty or Nice List. He was so happy to tell me that you are at the top of my nice list again this year. Mrs. Claus and I are so proud of you, (Name).

(Name), be sure to keep up the good work. Always listen to your (Parent 1) and (Parent 2) and continue to do well in school. Be nice to all your friends and always share your toys.

Right now the reindeer are outside playing games and exercising to get ready for our long flight, but mostly they are throwing snowballs at each other. What fun! I bet you like throwing snowballs also.

Well, I better go check on the reindeer and make sure the elves are busy getting all the gifts ready for Christmas Eve. (Name), continue being a good (boy/girl) and be sure to hang your stocking and go to bed as early as possible on Christmas Eve. (City, State) is one of the first stops on our journey. Be sure to leave some treats for the reindeer and some milk and cookies for me. We all get so hungry flying all over the world. Merry Christmas (Name).

Santa Claus