11- Military Parent

Ho! Ho! Ho!

(Name), can you believe Christmas is almost here? Soon it will be time for the reindeer and I to head to (City, State) to bring your Christmas surprises. I have been checking my naughty and nice list, and you know I must check it twice. I am very happy to see that you are on my nice list again this year. All the elves and reindeer have been busy getting the gifts and toys ready for our trip around the world. In fact, it won’t be long, and we will start loading the sleigh to set off on our long journey. The elves can’t wait to make a special surprise just for you. We are all so excited!

I have heard this has been a hard year for you, but I also understand that you have been such a good (girl/boy). Your parents, teachers, Mrs. Claus and I are so proud of you. I know it is hard with your (Mom/Dad) away serving our country in the military. I’m sure it doesn’t seem fair at times, but it is such a great sacrifice your (Mom/Dad) and your entire family are making to help protect our nation’s freedoms.

I know this Christmas will feel like something special is missing. Even though your (Mom/Dad) can’t be here with you this year, the love you two feel for each other in your hearts means that you can never be apart. Remember, whenever you feel sad or need someone to talk to, there are so many people in your life who love you and are there for you. Don’t keep your feelings inside; please talk to someone.

(Name), be sure to keep up the good work, and continue to be proud of your (Mom/Dad). Continue to do well in school, be nice to all your friends and always share your toys.

Well, I better go check on the reindeer and make sure the elves are busy getting all the gifts ready for Christmas Eve. (Name), continue being a good (boy/girl), be sure to hang your stocking and go to bed as early as possible on Christmas Eve. (City, State) is one of the first stops on our journey. I sure hope you enjoy all your presents! Since I will be flying all around the world, I will say hello to you (Mom/Dad) for you. Be sure to leave some treats for the reindeer and some milk and cookies for me. We all get so hungry flying all over the world. Merry Christmas (name).

Santa Claus