15 - I Am All Grown Up

Dear (Name),

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas from all of us here at the North Pole! We are all excited to celebrate the BIG DAY. We know you are excited too! I sure hope you and your family are having a great time getting ready for Christmas. I want to let you know how excited all of us at the North Pole are about how thoughtful and kind you have been to your family and friends. (Name), you are turning into a very special young (man/lady).

It is no surprise you are once again on our Nice List. That makes (age) years in a row! I have always loved watching all the incredible things you have done throughout the years. You are an amazing student doing very well at ((name of school). Keep up the hard work. I also see that you are very involved in (activities such as sports, scouts, dance, art, clubs, volunteer work), and are doing quite well. Keep up the good work! If you spend your time studying hard, doing good deeds and being a young (man/lady) of integrity, you will be prepared for your next great adventure in life after you graduate from high school. You will be taking on the world all too soon!

(Name), you know that Christmas is a magical time of belief and giving, and that’s why I am here; I am the spirit of Christmas. Because of your kindness, generosity and love, I know you understand the spirit of Christmas. I have watched you with your (brother/sister or both), (names of brothers and sisters). You take the time to help them, play with them and just let them know you care. Remain that way always. I have also seen how good you are for you (Parent 1 and Parent 2) and how thoughtful and loving you are to your grandparents and family. You also truly care about your friends, and as always you are a kind friend in whom others can trust. I am so proud of you, (Name).

Take the time this Christmas to cherish the memories you are making with your family and friends. If you continue to be kind and thoughtful, help at home and in school and embrace the spirit of giving, the spirit of Christmas will live in your heart forever. Also, be sure to hang your stocking and go to bed early! No pretend sleeping; really go to sleep so I can deliver the presents! Don’t forget to leave cookies for me and something special for all the reindeer. You know how hungry we get on our trip around the world. Merry Christmas, (Name)!

Santa Claus